Sabtu, 05 November 2016

Are you ready

Are you ready to win in the boardroom and in the bedroom? Winning in the boardroom (or office) and in the bedroom (keeping your husband satisfied) takes work - yes, work. This audiobook will teach you principles to transform your attitude, a boring sex life, and a complaining spirit into onethat embraces life and expects joy. Change your life from 'just barely getting by' to thriving and let Tunita Bailey, real estate professional and financial lifecoach, show you how. You will learn How to create a vision that works; How to fight fear and win; How to create the Three S System: sit down, shut up, and serve; How to manage romances and finances; How to identify the dream killers; How to be lifted and fly with eagles Much more! Let Tunita show you how to get control of your life's visionand work it until you win! It's time to turn your passion and purpose intoprogress...personally and professionally.

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